After three weeks of fighting the flu, my mother is back to her old self which means that she is cooking dinner for us again.  Hooray for Friday night yummy-ness.


Vince found a pair of mirrored glasses for Edda.  Edda says don’t mess with me or I’ll kick your ass.  Or at least I’ll bite you and never let go and have you screaming begging for mercy (true story.  it has happened.).


Vince is learning how to say how much something costs for Chinese class.  We had to go hunting across town to find things and document how much they cost.  This is made extra difficult because Vince really knows only about 10 Chinese nouns in of things you can find in a store.  One of the nouns he knows is dictionary, so he insisted on going to the bookstory to find out how much a dictionary costs.  I wondered, do they even sell dictionaries anymore?  Why yes!  They do! For $27.95


Last night, the MD/DC/VA Rett moms had dinner in Bethesda.  I’m so happy I found these women and their families.  So much sadness has been eased by knowing that I do not go down this path alone.  We always say that we are club that no one wants to join, but here we are having sangria together, laughing a lot, crying not so much (maybe not at all!) this time.

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