Fixing Travel Gear Luggage

This luggage by “Travel Gear” has been with me for a long time.  Last time, Rena and I went to Costa Rica, this luggage was with us.  But, there, it developed a problem.  The handle was difficult to push-in and out. Without in-and-out function and with heavy stuffs inside, it is difficult to carry it round in the airport or in the hotel.
Two days ago, I was leaning to get a new one as its replacement.  But, it was quite expensive and I didn’t want to be wasteful.  I decided to try to fix it instead.  Not like all those tools that I have in my garages, all I have is a small box of “emergency tool kit” in my car.  Of course, I have no trouble light with me either.  And with my poor apartment lights and my eye sight, it definitely added certain amount of degree of difficulties.
After took handle apart with great difficulty (no suitable tools), I found out the problem was with a broken plastic-push-bar (inside the handle) which could dislodge the click-lock on one side only, but not on both side.  I tired to buy this part online. But, no luck.
Finally, I took everything apart, and interchanged the push-handle on the broken bar side with click-lock sliding against the solid tube wall instead of the tube side with two stopping holes.  Then put them all back in its original places.  
It works wonderful with one side clicking.  No problem.  Pretty proud of myself, especially using simple tools that I have.

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