Fun in Japan

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind trip so far. Done a lot of walking around and train riding. 

We are staying in Osaka for a couple days and using that as a base of operations. Sakura season is in full effect and the Japanese are definitely out in droves to see the blossoms that last for only two weeks or so. It’s strange seeing business people in suits sitting under a cherry tree picnicking, but alas, it’s what happens. The other sartorial comment that I have is that Japan is, apparently, the land of trenchcoats. Every woman seems to have one on – and not just any color too – only camel. Strange. 
Here are some highlights:
Controls to my hotel toilet 
Very large tuna fish heads at the market. Mom these are for you:
Sakura in full bloom

Fushimi-inari shrine in Kyoto and Lawrence.

3 thoughts on “Fun in Japan”

  1. Recently, Koreans say the cherry blossoms were originated in Korea. Not only that, Chong Ming Island was once belonged to Korea. So, Mom may have Korean blood.

    Chinese scholars, after doing a lot of literature research, insist that cherry blossoms were actually originated in eastern Tibet. And it was planted into Japan soil during Tung Dynasty.

    These three countries are fighting over everything, big and small, such as cherry blossoms, etc.

    I say Koreans and Japanese are actually brothers and sisters, sharing the same blood lines. But, both Koreans and Japanese think it is utterly impossible. One is superior than others, depending on which side one is one.

  2. Love the toilet. Many Chinese went to Japan to buy it. It costs about 3,000 RMB. or $500 dollars. It turned out it is made in China.

    Fish head soup is very good. But water near Japan is contaminated from the nuclear reactor accident fer years ago.

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