The city is repairing a main gas line that has been leaking for years in front of our house.  Up and down our street on most days, you can smell gas coming out from the ground.  I’ve had a neighbor call the gas company every week for a year complaining.  That complaining worked, the gas people were out on our street all the time trying to find and fix the leak.  They were never successful with their patching attempts.  It’s an old pipe.  The whole thing needs to be replaced, but the money wasn’t there.  The neighbor moved away and there hasn’t been much action gas-repair-wise but you could still smell the gas.

A few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail warning us that the pipe was finally going to be fixed and that they were going to come and do stuff.  But – don’t worry – said the letter.  We won’t have to come into your house or anything.  So it wasn’t until mid morning today that I realized that the “stuff” they were planning on doing included drilling a 1 foot diameter cylinder of concrete out of my driveway.   I hope they move that concrete plug from that little patch of dirt on the right.  I have some flowers there that are getting ready to see the sun, they are going to be confused when they run into a hard, flat, dark thing on their way out.  


I’m wearing all of Sylvia’s old jewelry.  Only I’m not sure it’s really her old jewelry.  I cleaned a bracelet last night with vinegar and baking soda.  Cool little gas bubbles formed on the surface of the silver bracelet.  Neat-o.


Gah.  I’m too busy.  I need to reassess.  Pull back on some things.  Re-prioritize.  Prioritize spending weekends hanging out with no to-do list.  I thought I pulled back from last fall and I did, but I didn’t pull back enough.  When I started this nursing school thing, I was willing to work hard and Jeremy was able to do more home stuff.  Now his work stuff is really accelerating and I feel more of a call to pay more attention to home than outside.  A rebalancing is needed.  I have a plan for the summer and fall.  I just need to get through the next 6 weeks in good spirits.  Thanks for all your help…<3

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  1. Oh I hope those little flowers find their way. But it's good the gas line is being fixed. Flowers can be replanted not houses.

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