Dr. appt.

I took Edda to her 11 year old check-up appointment.  We’ve been going to the same practice since we’ve moved to the DC area.  I was recommended this practice by another Rett mom and it’s close to the house, but we never see the doctor who was recommended.  The primary pediatrician seems to have a rotating staff of doctors who stay about a year, so we see a new doctor every year.  Why do I go to a practice where I see a new doctor every year?  Because I can get an appointment on the same day, I never wait and I just want the vaccinations, flu shots and strep tests and ear infection checks. Anything more serious, I know to take them to a specialist.  We regularly go a full year between visits (thank goodness, knock on wood).  

And now, because Edda is so healthy and I’m not worried about her health, it’s a way for us to teach someone about Rett Syndrome.  I know now how important it is to really have a chance to do a hands-on physical assessment on unusual cases and it’s nice Edda gets to teach a new doctor who has never had a chance to do a full assessment on a Rett girl.  We sat for about an hour talking about pediatric development, platelet, PT, PTT, INR values, seizures.  She taught me a few things about puberty in girls (I haven’t taken peds yet, soon!).  When she did her assessment, I told her to measure the head circumference because that’s the interesting physical assessment on Edda.  We talked about our philosophical approach to testing.  She was pressing me to take Edda to a number of specialists, I was arguing against it.  Even though I am training to be in the medical field, I like to do fewer tests. Especially if the test result will result in no new course of action.

Edda got a tetenus shot for her troubles.


Then we took her to school, where she smiled a huge smile and went to hug Ms. Maureen…

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