Moving On

Tomorrow is my last day with Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) at Oak Ridge, TN.  It is about time to move on after 14 months tenure. Particularly, I look forward to traveling with Rena to China, Alaska and Huntington Beach, CA to see our immediate family members vacationing there.  Also, look forward to finishing our addition at U Street and basement master bedroom at Sheets Farms.

Looking back to our (myself and Rena) ~12 years as a consulting pair working on the same project, doing exactly the same things, checking each other’s work, it has been a worth-while experience. Better pay with more pocket money, less responsibility, more freedom without long term commitments and above all, live and work together and, in the mean time, visit many places and locales.

I probably will look for another short time job during the Summer time and this probably will be my last one 🙂

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