Day of adventure.

Welcome home mom and dad!


Took a bunch of time off of work today to take Keyla driving around town, open a bank account and introduce her to Japanese food.  Because I select for special needs experience (and kindness – at least what I can detect over a 30 minute Skype conversation), all other skills that other people might care more about for their childcare provider, I de-emphasize.  Including driving.  All the au pairs arrive here with an international drivers license, but there is nothing really like the first drive with a person who doesn’t really understand the driving rules here and doesn’t fluently speak English.  I get nervous, I speak faster and louder and then I get more flustered than the person in the driver’s seat.

At the bank, we were aided by an associate who spoke: English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic.  So we flitted about in two languages for an hour (?!?) setting up a bank account and later on in the day, I taught Keyla the word “flirt”.


I dropped Nat and Dara at Dulles in the early afternoon for their flight to Thailand.  See you in a few weeks!


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