It goes on.


I found myself squeezed between Vince and Edda early this morning.  I went over to Edda’s room at 5 am when she got up (as she usually does) and snuggled up next to her and within a few minutes, Vince came over too and took up whatever space was left on the bed.  It’s nice to have a sleepy child tucked under each armpit to somewhat erase whatever bad feelings I had leftover last night from feeling generally inept at parenthood.

Jeremy’s coworker has a newborn and at some pause in reimagining the energy consumption of the industrialized world, he asked around when do babies sleep through the night?  Jeremy kept his mouth shut – no one wants to hear – well maybe never?   Just the night before the question, Edda was up at 11:30 pm (30 minutes), 2 am (15 minutes) and 5 am – for good.  <- This is no longer the usual case, in her defense, she was slightly sick (as we all are this week).  The usual case is a straight shot from 9 pm – 5 am which to me is an awesome amount and is totally a full night’s sleep for the Edamame – but I’m not really sure it counts as “sleeping through the night” with the 5 am wake up call.

Vince was up early (he, in typical teenage fashion, is generally a late sleeper) because he knew he had a friend coming over at 6:10 am to pick him up to go to school to go to Hershey Park to perform with the school orchestra.  So the kids go, play and then go crazy on chocolate for the remaining hours of the day.  Vince has been dreaming of a particular roller coaster for days.


He gets back at midnight, crashes at a friend’s house and then is suppose to be up at 5:30 am to go rappelling and caving.  It’s just craziness (but luckily, I’m not chaperoning any of this).


So the boys are out at the beginning of this Memorial Day weekend.  Me and Edda for at least the first little part.  What are we going to do?  I have this idea that we’ll go see Pitch Perfect #2, but I suspect that we will just hang out around the house and make some chocolate frosting.  Look! I’m going to get a peony this year!   Very excited.


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