Outgrowing pediatric.


I took Vince to see the dentist today.  I love our pediatric dentist, I wish she could be my dentist.  I want to watch cartoons while I get my teeth cleaned, I want to get a sticker after I’m done.  If I have a cavity, I totally want to go to the little outer-space-themed room and get a little nitrous.  So my heart broke a little today when Vince, after eyeballing a squirming two year old in the waiting room, requested to no longer go to this particular dentist because it was too baby-ish for him.

While he was getting his teeth cleaned, I had to go over to the admin and whisper to her that Vince didn’t want to come anymore and she sighed sympathetically and said that they are all like this.  That when they turn middle-school-ish. a lot of them don’t want to come to the pediatric dentist anymore.

I convinced Vince to go back at least for one more appointment to seal his last adult molars and then, I guess, we are moving on.

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