OK, I was going to post a long post about Jeremy and Vince’s Excellent Adventure (which continues for the rest of the week), but I’m too tired to download photos.  Jeremy is taking the whole week off work and taking Vince and 4 pals on a crazy week-long “dad” camp.  The other dads are each all taking a day off and volunteering one day.  So far there has been hiking, rock climbing, chili making, cabin occupying, s’more making, fire lighting, class-3 rapid water rafting (and being dumped into the Potomac) and it’s been only 48 hours.  Jeremy is red-lining his logistics capability with ten-thousand emails, texts, keeping track of costs, planning meals, and personalities.  It is crazy.  And according to the boys and the parents, it has been crazy fun for all involved.  Boys have been on their best behavior, weather has been coorperating, etc.


Lest you think that I have had a quiet few days here while the boys were gone, things don’t stay still here either.  Edda had her teeth checked on Monday, the dentist is recommending that we pull a misplaced molar that ended up in her palate and all her wisdom teeth and put sealants on her molars. This involves coordinating with an oral surgeon, an operating room, and our own pediatric dentist and insurance.  The estimated date of this surgery is Sept/Oct, it’s going to take that long to pull it (ha ha – dental joke there…) together.

Also, today I had a plumber come and declare that our rediculously expensive water heater is kaput. I don’t even want to write down the quote I got from the plumber.  Our house is filled with very expensive appliances that look really great and have many great features that, when they break (which is often), I can’t believe they even make appliances that expensive.  The plumber today actually said to me – you might want to sit down when I hand you this quote.  I sat down.


I have no photo today.  So you have Ruby.


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