Safe + twenty years.

Safe 3

Twenty years ago today, Jeremy took me to see the movie Safe and then after being dropped off at the front steps of my grad student housing, through some convoluted communication not involving texting, he ended up kissing me on the steps of the Chemical Engineering department.

Well, he didn’t exactly take just me to see the movie Safe.  We had a regular thing going with our grad school friends where on Thursday nights, we’d all meet (all 8 or 10 of us) to go to a movie.  The movie the week prior to Safe was Apollo 13.  Jeremy did not go to see Apollo 13 (even though it was known that he was free) and therefore, I concluded, was not interested in dating me even though I was very interested in dating him.  The simplest explaination is at that time Jeremy was kind of an art-house movie snob.  This story is such a part of our history that whenever I want to see a summer blockbuster movie, I never even think of inviting Jeremy to see it with me.  Which results in questions like, “You saw Skyfall without me?  I totally wanted to see that!” which still makes me a confused wife.

But, our engineering friends, being ever so clever, arranged for the regular meeting time to go to Safe, but then behind our backs, called each other and made sure that no one showed up except me and Jeremy.  Well, except Dave who had failed to get the message not to show up.  So Jeremy and I went on our first date without knowing that it was our first date and we went on it with Dave, who also didn’t know that he was the fifth (third?) wheel on our first date.

Every year, July rolls around and we think about watching Safe together again.  We never do.  It’s not a very good movie, even though I’m a huge Julianne Moore fan.  This year, we can’t even think about watching it together tonight because Jeremy is out camping in some cabin with Vince and a bunch of Vince’s buddies.  More on that tomorrow.

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  1. I'm just very glad you two got married, met us and had those wonderful kids! You are wonderful, loving human beings.

    If it helps any at all our house is breaking too. We've replaced the hot water heater, washer/dryer (btw-your old one is still at work for matt and Gloria),repaired the dish washer, and are now researching air conditioning units as ours is 15 yrs old. Oh yeah my car battery went out. It sucks in some ways to get old.

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