U Street Side Projects

Mom loves to have side projects.  She managed to get some on-sale cabinets from “Habitat” with fairly reasonable price to be put up in our laundry room.  The problem was that it was an inch too long. Therefore the walls on both side need to be cut-out.  It looks good after being installed.  One can barely see it, even without trims.
She also managed to get a truck-load of free mulch to be dumped on our front yard.  The portion that was on the one half of our driveway was already hauled away to the back, since our HOA doesn’t allow cars park on the street.  With a flat tire on our wheelbarrow, it took sometime to figure out what was wrong and took more time to have a temporary fix. But, it worked, just temporarily. 
She also would love to have two small rectangular plots to be built for her stuffs (?).  I don’t know what for but built two according to her specs anyway.

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