Back from camp.

vince playing computers

Vince’s answer to so many questions these days is “meh”.  I ask him how school was – “meh”.  I ask him how the movie was – “meh”.  I ask him how the food was – “meh”.  If we both met Taylor Swift at the same time, I’m sure it would be – “meh” as well while I would be beside myself, unable to speak, with star struckedness.

So when I picked him up from the splurgiest computer camp ever where he spent a week with five of his closest friends who he convinced to ask their parents to also splurge in which they allow them to play a networked computer game called portal which means nothing to me and I asked him how it was and at first he said – “meh”, I looked at him again and said, “Really? because you know what a “meh” answer will mean for next year”, he looked at me again and gave me a big hug and said that it was “awesome & amazing & the best thing ever, thank you”.


They did make them go outside every once in a while.  They even made them make art outside.  They were required to shower at least once every 24 hours.  They were required to change clothes every 24 hours.  The counselors were trained to notice if the boys (and a few girls) showed up each day in the same clothes.

vince art

Here’s Vince getting his camp-end award from his counselor – code name Colossus.

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