End of summer.


Today is the last day of summer!  I’m so excited for the kids to go back to school and for the regular schedule to fall back into place.  The past two weeks have seen our work schedules compressed because Edda’s not in camp and our childcare hours diminish.  Jeremy usually ends up going into work an hour late, I end work early and all the errands I usually can fit in in the middle of the day eat into my work day and then I have to shift some hours to the weekend and blah, blah, blah.   So boring!  Who cares?  No one.

Jeremy and I have different perspectives on this summer – Jeremy will tell you it was a fabulous summer and I will tell you it was stressful and it seemed like I could never catch my breath. This is the fundamental difference in our personalities.  Jeremy only remembers the good stuff, I only remember the stressful stuff.  Really, the summer was wonderful, the stressful stuff was just the regular stressful stuff which I feel silly to even complain about.


Our neighbor rented this bobcat to move a lot of dirt around on his property.  All week, we’ve watched him drive it around his front yard and his back yard.  Today I asked if we could try to drive it around – here’s Vince taking it for a test drive.  We’ve spent some time thinking of all the feline names we could think of: lion, tiger, bobcat, cheetah, puma, leopard, jaguar, cougar.  To me, besides the lion and the tiger, the rest are all the same animal.  Except the cheetah which is the fastest.  Hmm.  I guess I need to add mountain lion to the list too.

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