Oh, Talking about Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations for the 17th Wedding Anniversary!

Oh, talking about wedding anniversary.  the past August 22nd was our 45 years wedding anniversary. That morning at 10:00 AM, we just debarked from our cruise ship at Long Beach, CA and drove home. In the evening, we stopped at Willows, CA (a bit north of SF) for the night.

To celebrate, we decided to stay in a relatively better hotel – Best Western and, of course, with a discount coupon picked up at McDonalds restaurant several miles away along the road.

It is small town.  And Mom picked a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Since we ordered more food and had a cooler with us, for the next two days, we had our left over food at home.

Note:  I finished all the water (cold and hot) lines as well as the above-floor vent lines in our new addition.  The tub, shower and vanity drains are also in place.

Now, the drain lines underneath the floor need to be done and it is the most difficult part due to the elevation drop requirements (1/4″ per foot), I-beam penetrations and available working space (some areas have less than a foot height).  Sometimes, I feel I am a half mole 🙂

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