End of summer.


To celebrate the last day of summer (for me!), I went to Bethesda to see a movie.  By myself!  Jeremy couldn’t make it.  It was date night, but he had a meeting downtown to go to so I took myself out on a date.  And now it really is the end of summer, I think even the weather has cooperated…


Classes started today.  I’m doing an OB rotation.  I didn’t get to do much today, but it’s going to be a great clinical.  Shady Grove is a baby factory: there are 48 postpartum recovery rooms and a NICU.  Next week, I’m on the rotation to scrub into the OR and see a c-section.  Our clinical instructor knows everyone on the floor or has taught a lot of the nurses on the floor.  I’m more and more curious to try and figure out what kind of nurse I want to be.  I can already tell that I’m not really suited in labor and delivery (it’s too popular of a choice and as soon as something is popular, I like to run the other direction, and it’s too happy and I didn’t go into nursing for happy) or the NICU. Gah, when I walked into the NICU with all the tiny incubators and bili lights, I could feel that old tingly feeling of having my milk let down and then I wanted to cry.  It’s not the place for me either.  Tiny babies all wrapped up with tubes everywhere that you could hold in the palm of your hand.


Jeremy, Edda and I spent our Friday night stuffing evelopes for a candidate who is running for Rockville council.  He lives in College Gardens which is the next neighborhood over from us and the neighborhood I grew up in.  I don’t have many friends now in College Gardens because the elementary schools are different in the different neighborhoods, so it was a wonderful pleasure to go into a house which feels so familiar even though I’ve never been in this particular house because it was the same model as a house that a friend must have had…


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