Passed the Plumbing Inspection

After struggling several times, the whole water, vent and drain system of our new addition was ready for inspection yesterday.  The inspector came this morning and he signed off this item. Great!

But, before insulation and dry wall, the inspector indicated that we need to have a fixed A/C system, either tie to the old one or getting a new separate one.  I guess a separate one is more convenient and cost effective.  But, it has to wait for the next year.

By the way, I am going to connect the new water, vent and drain to the old existing one this afternoon.  And, I believe, for this year, I am done with the addition.  I will start working on our yard and ready to leave for the winter.

Stay tune on our new addition next year.

4 thoughts on “Passed the Plumbing Inspection”

  1. I just finished all tie-ins. Right now, the whole house has one system for water, vent and drain. Mom is looking into A/C. We believe we can put it up ourselves, next year though, not this year.

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