Peanut butter cups.


Vince made homemade peanut butter cups for my birthday.  My birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated a bit tonight at Sunday night dinner.  I’m an old, old woman.  And nothing makes me feel older than when I meet a new person and they ask – “how old are your kids?” and I say “11 and 13”!!! ?##$%$*&  When did that happen?  I’m sorry mom – that you have to say your kids are 39 and 43. But wait until next year until you have to say your kids are 40 and 44!  Ha ha ha.  Oh, time waits for no one.


Driving to Sunday night dinner, we listen to spotify with Vince DJing.  We rotate song choices, Vince choosing pop songs now.  Jeremy and I choosing songs from when we were in high school and college.  Because Jeremy and I are offset 4 years, our songs don’t quite overlap.  Edda fell asleep – not interested in 80s, 90s or 10s music.


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