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I think I am the recipient of a food donation.

I spend some time filling out forms for Edda.  I do not go around thinking that I’m extra-super-competent or anything, but for form filling-out, I think I’m smarter than the average bear.  But these Medicaid / waiver / funding forms are not helpful.  Who is the vendor?  Who is the provider?  What are the eligibility dates? Can I ask for reimbursement or only future payment?  I’m befuddled.

Anyways, I went to a meeting to learn about how to fill out a form (which should be self-explanatory).  The meeting was from 3-6 on a Monday (who, besides a person with an extremely flexible job, can go to a Monday meeting from 3-6?)  I met with an unhelpful person, who, when I asked what I should put down as the “vendor” or “provider” looked at me and said, well, you tell me! Lady, if I knew what to put down, I would not have shuffled my schedule around to come to this meeting.

They were starting to clear the chairs, there weren’t many people left. I finally met with a more helpful person who guided me (like a 2nd grader) to fill out three lines on the form and I was pleased and thanked her profusely.   Even though I got help with the form, I’m still not betting on it going through the first time.  As I’m thanking her, she asks with a bright smile, would you please fill out a form to get a food basket?  I said slowly – uh, sure!  So I filled out a form and I gave it back to her and then I was about to duck out of the meeting.  But then she tracked me down and said, wait!  your food basket!  I said that I really didn’t need the food basket.  She insisted.  She said that it would really be helpful for her if I took the food basket.  So I took it.  Inside: peanut butter, jelly, tuna, Cheerios, rice and some can of beans.  And this is how I ended up being a food donation recipient.

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