Car Accident

The other day, some one hit my car from the back at nearby “STOP” sign.  I stopped and he stopped. I pulled out and stopped again to see whether there are cars coming from the other direction.  He hit me at the back.
After several days of reviewing by his policy holder GEICO, the accident is not covered.  And I don’t have collision insurance either because it is a 1996 Windstar.  Finally, his wife and I settled the claim ourselves.  They will pay me a total $400.00 with two payments.  One for the lights, they will FedEx me the check of $200.00 right away.  The other for the bumper, they will pay me on Friday, Oct 23rd. 
Since he is between jobs and his pay checks are unpredictable, I offered them to pay me just once by the end of this month with regular mail.  That will not affect me at all (because we are out-of-country for 3 weeks) but it may help them somewhat.  This way, it is good for both sides, I believe.
What am I going to do?  Next Spring, I will buy the light assembly online.  It costs about $40.00 and replace the damaged one myself.  With respect to the bumper, just leave it as it is.

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