To Bellingham, WA & Back in12+delta Hours

After our college classmate, friend and his wife at Bellingham, WA called us several times about the installation of their new motion sensor lights before they leave their house for the Winter next Monday (10/5), Mom and I decided to take a trip there this morning at ~ 6:30 AM to see ourselves. Initially, we planned to stay there one night.

We all agree with the core issues: 1) no ground wire and 2) what to do with the extra red wire coming from the wall – the new sensor lights has only three wires, black, white and green.

Upon arrival at 11:00 AM and after brunch, we started to work on the lights together.  We installed a new ground wire directly from nearby light and figured out the function of the red wire.  Everything was ready and the motion sensor lights were successfully replaced, installed and tested around 2:00 PM.

At that time, Mom and I decided to drive right back because they are extremely busy.  The whole house needs to be winterized and they need to pack also.  We finally arrived at home around 7:00 PM.  It really is a busy day and with a lot of fun too, I think.

Btw, Mom would like to make a modification on one of her closets in the Master Bedroom.  I will work on it today (Sunday, 10/4).

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