China Can’t Derail the U.S.-UK Special Relationship

So declared by an article of “The National Interest Online”.  Everyone knows that UK and USA have had a special relationship due to its almost identical cultural heritages.  No one in the world can change that – not even God, Allah or Buddha.  China? Of course, not a chance.

When Britain, against the USA wishes, decided to join as one of the founding fathers of “The Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank” sponsored by China, it is not against USA but rather it is pro-business for their own good.

China was pushed to establish their own banks.  After so many years, look at IMF, China has voting rights less than Belgium even though it is the second largest economic in the world.  Also look at the Asian Development Bank sponsored by Japan and USA, Chinese voting rights there is also inconsistent with current world economic landscapes.

British has long records of dealing with the outside world and, I believe, they are much more successful than USA. They are more mature to handle conflicts and differences.  Look after WWII, there is not a single war that we (USA) can declare as the clear victor and yet we are generating wars after wars with no sound reasons (vital to our national interests) and with no ending in sight.

Again, I hope the sons and daughters of our House Representatives, Senators, military brass will first go to Syria to fight those crazy ISIS to demonstrate that we (USA) as a nation are willing to draw a line on the sand with our own blood, not with poor’s (or underprivileged) and illegals’.

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