Date nite.


Jeremy took me out for date night last night.  We did not celebrate alone.  Jeremy was hosting a happy hour for a co-worker who is leaving UCS, so I went and joined in on the festivities.  We had drinks at the Science Club (which is a a bar) and its ode to science was the beat-up old periodic table on the wall and drinks served in test tubes / beakers.  It’s interesting to go to dinner with Jeremy and a person who he knows well and who I don’t know very well.  Something about that really makes me look at Jeremy, as he’s talking, in a new light.  I look at the way he gestures and talks and I try to see them for the first time again.  To try and remember if those same gestures and mannerisms were there when he was 27 and I first met him.  Mainly, I look at him and see all the grey hairs and wrinkles and think – wow, we really are growing old together.


I went to lunch today with a good friend of mine.  Is it OK to be good friends with someone that you only see/talk to every 6 months?  Really, we’ve tried to schedule this lunch for months.   Ethiopian food shared.  I like talking to this particular person about religion and God.  As I grow older, I’m starting to envy people who believe in God.  I would like to believe – what comfort would that be! – but I know I will never.  Well, maybe I will in 20 years.  I’m believe in so many things now that I thought I’d never believe when I was 20.  Who knows what I will believe when I’m 60.


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