Garage Work Completed

Tonight, I finished all garage work except sorting things out and putting them into their proper place.  Picture 1 shows two ceiling-wall-hung shelves, one is four-post and other has two.  Four-post one is to the center-left; two-post one is to the center-right.  The second picture shows the final arrangement of the center aisle as well as the two-post shelf.  The notch on the horizontal long 2×4 is an extra space for opening the car door. As a test, I parked both cars in and everything seems okay.
Well, properly it may take more time to sort things out than jut building shelves and loft.  The estimated total cost, without counting labor, is ~US$1,500 – 2,000.  I started the work in the Winter of 2013.  It gets done with three consecutive Winters.

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