Most Likely, I Got a Job Offer

Most likely, but not official yet, I got a job offer.  The starting date is in January of next year right after our South America 14-day cruise.

Therefore, I will continuously work on my garage projects, instead of starting new work in basement.  I would like to put up several permanent shelves to replace old plastic ones.

With my new job prospect, I will be in a better position to buy more construction materials and store them (not returning) for future use.  In other words, not under tight budget with endless efforts to cut down inventory as before, I don’t have to buy-and-return-the-unused ones all the time.

While doing this, I discovered a funny experience on the side.  Sometime, the freezer (in the garage), after opening and closing, is locked solid due to the pressure differential of rapid cooling of warm air inside the freezer.  The better way to close a freeze is to leave a small gap for a while before completely close. This way, the freezer can be opened right away with less pressure differential.  Or otherwise, it is completely locked by atmospheric pressure exerting on top of the door.

I just wonder why the freeze doesn’t come with a small relief valve to let air in, in order to equalize the pressure inside out, just like the way to start a diesel engine with an air outlet for all its engine cylinders.

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