Piano piano.


First, admire Edda’s hair.  A true masterpiece by Keyla at 6 am.

Second, admire this computer setup.  A true masterpiece by Jeremy, also at 6 am.

We have this eye-gaze computer that we got about 6 months ago.  An eye-gaze computer has a camera which can follow your eyeballs.  You use your eyeballs like a mouse instead of the real mouse. Which is good because Edda’s hands are no good for mice-ing.  We had some hopes that the school would take the lead and help us out a lot with the programming or using it, but there are complications.  It’s a consumer product and not an educational institution product and so then the rep which usually supports the school district with this brand of equipment balked at providing support for our device for the augmentative communication team.  Because it’s our own personal device, they can’t use it with any school bought software or equipment.  It’s a little bureaucratic mess.  But no matter, Jeremy spent the weekend making up some communication boards for Edda.  He started with one of Edda’s favorite topics – breakfast.  So Edda gets a bunch of choices for breakfast.  Eggs, cereal, oatmeal and juice/milk.   This morning, Jeremy made all the possible choices for breakfast.

For ten years now, every morning for breakfast, Edda has had oatmeal.  Jeremy makes a week’s worth on Sunday in our largest pot and packages them in little glass jars that line the back of the second shelf of the fridge.  Over the years, he’s changed the recipe to add fruit and change the consistency. It’s a lovely food ritual that Jeremy likes and Edda, for a decade, has seemed to enjoy her morning oatmeal.  So what does Edda tell Jeremy he wants for breakfast on the first day she can tell us a preference?  She wants eggs and cereal.  So she had eggs and cereal.  And the oatmeal was left on the counter.



One thing I love about texting my mother is that I can send her photos of Vince’s Chinese vocab and ask her for help.  Vince is taking Chinese II.  I’m starting to lose my understanding of the vocabulary (I know, so lame), so I need my mom to help.  This week’s vocabulary is all about illnesses, resting, headaches, hospital beds.  And then I came across this vocab and sent my mom the photo.  Mom?!?!!  What the hell is an abnormal growth of fresh (meat)?  I do not understand.


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  1. Oh I hate skin tags when I go to the dermotologist. Then I feel like a big piece of meat. Edda's computer is way cool. Josh's comment, "Cool – engineers!".

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