Basement Work

Before working on the basement, I found that it was too messy, not organized enough, to work on.  It was due to the last year’s addition of an egress window for the Master bedroom.  Before window installation, it needed to saw off a section of concrete wall to make room for the window.  The concrete saw dust was everywhere, on the ceiling, tables, walls,  boxes, etc.  To clean up the ceiling, I did washed it several time before, using water spray.
However, this time, I decided to do a thorough job by washing and rearranging everything to make it neater and, above all, a workable place.   I spent almost three days + (day and night).  And above three pictures show the results of my work.
It is nice, clean and well-organized, I think.  Two baths, one for the Master bedroom and one for the common area can be seen clearly in picture two.  Master bedroom one is on the left of the posts.  And the other is on its right at the place with wood piles.
I probably can not do a lot of this year because after our South America cruise, I need to report to work. May be next Winter.  But who knows?

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