Big day today!  Edda got her period today!  Everyone is very excited.  Here’s everyone’s reaction:

Keyla:  Edda’s a woman today!
Jeremy: I’d like to counter that statement with – she is no longer a little girl.
Vince: Mom, I really didn’t need to know that.
Mr. Twigg (Edda’s male teacher via text): Great!  Will you send in some extra pads?

I’m excited because I’m hoping it means that Edda is done growing – at 100 lbs and 4′ 10″, it’s enough mass and height for me to handle.  Although all the people in the know assure me that she has 2 more years of growing left.  Today, we had the appointment to fit Edda’s brace.  The orthesist (person who makes orthotics) was so fun and enthusiastic about the brace helping Edda.  She took about 30 measurements, it gets entered into a computer and the brace is spit out.  We’ll get it in a few weeks.

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