My Daily Routine

Getting up around 4:00 AM, having breakfast with milk and cereal, taking a shower and getting on the road. I arrive at my site office around 5:00 AM.  It is a 20 miles drive on winding country roads under pitch dark sky and, often, our small county police cruiser is on the road too just to check something out.

My lunch consists of three small oranges, two bananas and an apple.  The sandwich is general from McDonald’s. They are those on sale:  two breakfast biscuits for $3.33 or two combinations (chicken, burger or something else) for $5.00.  Of course, just bring one of them, not all.

Some snacks are in my drawer as reserved and I drink two bottle of water everyday, at least. After 10 hours of working, I arrive my home around 4:00 PM, dropping by the BI-LO if I need something, otherwise, just directly going home.

With not much to do in a small town and with anticipated extra income, I will work OT if it is offered but will not volunteering for it. Usually, it is 10 hours per week, either on Friday or Saturday depending on one’s personal schedules.  Most of our colleagues are scattered around the country. Some of them are in CA.  Of course, I am from WA.

For dinner, I put everything in a pot to boil without any spice, oil and salt.  I use only a couple of bowls and plates. Alone, no rice and no tea.  I try to have veggies all the time, an egg for at least within 2 days. I also have some Mom’s prepared food which I like and consume little. I don’t want them to run out sooner.

Besides that, my right leg is hurting due to the twisting done on the Sheets Farm attics 2 years ago.  It is getting worse.  Two weeks ago, I went to see a orthopedic doctor.  And I am doing physical therapy twice a week as the first step of treatment and checking.  This is getting into my schedule unwillingly.  Probably it is just a symptom of an old machine without enough organic WD-40 🙂

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