Usually easy-going, Vince has been mad at me for days now. I’m always taken aback when he’s short with me or isn’t in a good mood.  I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was – was he secretly staying up too late? Was he really resenting me for imposing the unbelievably harsh (not) electronic curfew of 9:30pm?  But Jeremy finally pointed me in the right direction – Vince is having some difficulty in school that he didn’t want to reveal to me.


I abandoned my gym (Gold’s) in town center in favor of the Rockville pool.  Sometimes you have to wait for a treadmill (usually the cutest little old lady going for a walk) and there is no Beyonce playing in the weight room, but I like that the clientele skews heavily towards retirees during the day and that there is actually a real squat rack.  I thought I would have to give up on Zumba classes (not that I actually went to any of them), but it turns out I can drop in on classes any day of the week.



Jeremy took me out to dinner tonight at a new ramen place in town center.  Tasty.  I think we’ll go back.  Jeremy said it wasn’t as good as the hip place in Adams-Morgan, but this is Rockville.


We also went to the library.


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  1. I totally get the gym thing. I love going to the Y. While it is the most expensive place in town it is also the least hip and most diverse. Give Vince my best. It's almost his bday so congrats to you

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