Birthday. Sleep. Surgery.


Keyla’s 24 birthday was today.  We celebrated with cinnamon buns from the can – you know, the kind that you pop when you unwrap them?  Mmmmm….


We also went to Magianno’s tonight at Friendship Heights to celebrate with a classic Italian meal.  We had the nicest server and the food was perfect.  We ended the night with a groupie.



Edda is sleeping so well in our closet.  Until at least 5:30 am two nights in a row.  I have no problem believing that the closet is the solution to all our sleeping issues.   What is that?  Correlation = causation fallacy?



Get this – the hospital wants us to get a pregnancy test for Edda – either pee or blood they said.   Hmmm.  Really?  Gee, thanks for giving us a choice.  Of all the hoops!  I could do the pee test at home – I’d need a pee hat for the toilet and a CVS dip stick – but would my selfie with Edda and the negative pee stick be good enough medical proof that Edda isn’t pregnant?  Or am I going to find myself tomorrow at the blood lab waiting in line to get a tube drawn which might take days and then we’d throw off the surgery schedule? Who does blood pregnancy tests these days?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Maybe just Edda.

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