New chores.


Various household duties need to be reshuffled – Vince is going to cook dinner a couple nights a week. I think I’m also responsible for one night a week.  Oh, it’s been a long time since I planned any meals.  I had one year when I was a stay-at-home mom where I cooked a different meal every night for a year.  That was amazing, but unsustainable.  I used paprika.  I’m going to have to haul out that skill set again.  Vince is going to do more dog duties (doodies too – ha ha).  Jeremy is on morning Edda bus duty, he learned from Keyla this week how to French braid hair.

Nat is back, she’s helping with Edda on Monday and Wed. nights.


Edda’s new chores are the same as the old ones, just be fabulous.  She’s not extremely excited about it, or maybe she’s just fabulous in a fierce, rbf kind-of way.


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