Suit and tie for Jeremy.  He’s wearing the suit he got made by Bob’s tailor in China.  It’s suppose to be dark blue, but it’s really black, even in the strongest sunlight.


I trimmed Edda’s bangs today, I think the bangs are nice, but they need constant maintenance.


Jeremy took me out tonight.  We went to three ice cream stores.  1) the sweet frog which we abandoned because they wouldn’t take our gift card, 2) the Ben & Jerry’s which had a “be back soon” sign and 3) finally Carmen’s where we successfully got ice cream.


Unfortunately, I’ve been arguing these days with Vince about homework completion vs screen time.  I can’t help myself, I get focused on it and I can’t, as Elsa says, let it go.  Come, on!  What’s more fun than the quadratic equation.  Nothing!  (Well except for the ideal gas law, but that doesn’t come until later!)  I’m sure it has to do more with the fact that I haven’t done our taxes yet and we’ll owe this year and that our childcare is completely changing our schedule and that Edda’ll have oral surgery in the next week.  With morphine.  I’m going to bring morphine into the house for something I’m choosing to do on purpose on my daughter.  Sigh.

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