Tuesday –


Kiki left this morning after a week of peaceful demonstrations and being peacefully arrested and peacefully released and peacefully paying fines.  She’s headed home to the NY primary.


Vince is trying to teach me how to use Snapchat.  I’m all signed up and can chat with any teenager.



Rockville cited me for having grass that was too tall.


Looks OK to me.


One thought on “Tuesday –”

  1. Rock on Kiki!!! What was she protesting?

    Josh had to cut the lawn for phone time at our house. I swear when he gets his own place it will be all concrete lawn. He also mowed Colonel Barney Pusin's lawn. The Colonel would call the house and tell him he'd missed a few blades and make come back over to do a re-cut. His reaction to cutting grass for a colonel, "GROAAAN". Get Vince to show you how to do the app that synchs your voice to a popular song. Kinda cool. Forgot it's name.

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