Wisdom teeth – out!


We showed up bright and early on Friday morning 5:45 at Shady Grove Hospital.  I didn’t know they had a whole pediatric wing for day surgeries.  So we (and a bunch of other families) were ushered into the pre-op area.   Edda got settled into a pediatric bed which she is almost too big for.


Jeremy suited up to go into the OR with her.  It reminded him of the days he suited up to go into clean rooms when he made computer chips.  Edda was already woozy from the benzo she got about 30 min before she was wheeled into the operating room.


Everything went smoothly – first the oral surgeon took out all her wisdom teeth and an extra tooth growing through the roof of her mouth – he updated us at the hour mark.  Then our dentist took over and did – as she said – the best cleaning ever and sealed everything she could seal.  Hopefully all this will help us prevent dental problems in the future.  Our dentist was a little concerned that the extractions would hinder her ability to do the cleaning/sealants well, but she said that the extractions were done cleaning and weren’t bleeding very much.

Edda waking up….  she wasn’t happy.


Now we are home, resting.  All chipmunk swollen.


I just spent the last 90 minutes slowly syringing about 8 oz of milk into her.  She hasn’t eaten properly since Thursday night and we’ve been having a tough time getting her to eat anything.  We have applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, etc…  I want to keep her hydrated and with some nutrition to keep on going and healing.  Hopefully today is the most swollen day.


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