Ruby – too hot!


Summer is finally here with the warmth and humidity.  Jeremy is starting to look more and more like his father the first time I met him.  I guess I met Bob when he was in his mid-50s, which Jeremy is now within spitting distance of.  

Ruby had a tough time today on the evening walk.  She started to not be able to breath well – hyperventilating.  We got her to rest on a patch of grass while Jeremy went with Max to fetch a car.  While they were gone, I was a little worried that Ruby might never catch her breath again.  Doggie CPR?  That frightened me, but then she stopped panting for a moment to sniff the ground around her and then I figured she was going to pull out of the breathing episode.


Ruby, being rescued during our 1 mile walk.  Poor girl.  Only climate controlled spaces for you this summer (AC went on in the house today!).  And very short walks!


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