Edda’s done with camp – which signals to me the end of summer.  We love the camp, but it was kind of a topsy-turvy summer for Edda.  Her counselor had some personal issues so her schedule was all messed up – there were lots of substitutions day to day of who was Edda’s 1:1 which made me feel at little like the uneaten dish at a potluck, but sometimes stuff like that just happens.   And it’s not really the end of summer because Vince’s boy scout troop is doing its annual thing of parking cars at the MoCo fair.  I have volunteered to spend most of my weekend (the hottest weekend of the year so far) helping to park cars.  Vince loves it, but the grownups don’t love it as much.  Each scout family has to put in 40 adult hours.  I’m going to do 20 this weekend.  Jeremy is doing 20 the during the work week.  I will complain a little right now: ARGH!  I’M SPENDING MY WEEKEND IN THE HOT SUN DIRECTING TRAFFIC AND BREATHING EXHAUST FUMES.  THE ONLY SNACKS AVAILABLE WILL BE ONES I DO NOT LIKE.  I WILL HAVE TO MAKE SMALL TALK FOR MANY HOURS.  Ok.  I’m done now.


Jeremy uploaded some videos of the trip:

Note the tied score…

Piggyback rides:

Duck attempted to break into the hotel room.

Arcade fun:

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