100 miles.

Jeremy rode 100 miles today – his first full century.  It was a supported ride, lots of snacks, Gatorade, and people to call and ambulance in case you got heat stroke.  There are no photos, I have no screen shot of his progress.  He probably has it in Strava, but you guys get nothing.  He did all the training for this on his own which was fine, but now he wants some biking pals.  He’s found a bike group that meets at Wootton on Saturdays that he’s going to start riding with them.   This was to celebrate his birthday, for his 50th, he wants to ride a 500 mile ride.


We had a quiet day: laundry, bills, Words with Friends, naps.  At about 1 pm, we decided to watch Wayne’s World and I did something I never do, I fed Edda her lunch on the couch.  And then Edda proceeded to surprise me by trying to feed herself.  I had to go grab my phone, I can’t remember the last time she did this unprompted.


Maybe it was because her whole upper arm was kind of supported and she only needed to lift her forearm?


Or maybe it’s her vote to always eat on the couch in front of the TV.


The effort exhausted her.  She zonked out right after.



Facetimed with Donald for the first time in a long time.  Tried to understand Burning Man.


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