Chinese, Thai iced tea, photobombing


It’s already Wed!  I’m behind on blogging.  Sunday, Dad still going strong on the Chinese tutoring.  Vince may or may not have had two sleepovers in a row that weekend, he’s trying really hard to be nice and not a butthead.  Vince and I call each other out on our butthead behaviors all the time – usually when one of us is underslept.  Jeremy and I never call each other buttheads.  Edda is the buddha and doesn’t even know the word butthead.


Sunday night dinner was hosted by Gene & Bette.  We were going to try out a new buffet restaurant at their retirement community, but if you think getting into a hot, new restaurant is hard in DC, try getting into a newly opened restaurant at a Rivendale.  The turn rate on the tables is very low.

We ended up going to a Chinese/Thai place.

I sat at the kids end, far away from the political chat at the other end.


I, instead, talked to Jane and Sarah about necklaces, school, Thai iced tea and SNL.


Eric photobombing my picture with Edda.


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