Sleep, Maxi, cooking dinner.


I’ve almost caught up with sleep from my crazy three weeks.  I think a couple of more restful days and nights and I’ll be good to go.  I don’t think I’ve yet adjusted to the time change, I still wake up at 4:30 am.  I spend a lot of time home alone with the dogs, so it’s when it’s the quietest at the house that I dream of seeing Ruby again – sleeping in her regular spot or asking for a bit of turkey from my sandwich.  How can it be?  She was always there, from the beginning.  Maxi is adjusting to her new role.  She’s nervous about it, but I’m fully confident that she’ll be able to look after all of us.  She was often jealous of Ruby and competitive with her in certain ways which I think cranked up Maxi’s anxiety.  I’m hoping she relaxes a little bit.


The house seems almost normal again after weeks of excitement and turmoil and travel and heartache.  Jeremy’s cooking delicious dinners again.  We are talking with each other, finding our way together through a new future.


I’m excited to be eating vegetables again.


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  1. Sweet Maxi. She probably really misses Ruby. You know we never go to Chuy's. Isn't that weird? I know many of us are deeply disappointed about the election. I was just stunned. It is so awful to me that a man who says such terrible things about other people and is a bully is now the president. I'm glad you are eating your vegatables!

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