Blood donation, McDonalds, Joanne.


Edda’s bed rails work pretty well.  She sleeps mostly through the night except for the nights right before and during her period (mostly).  But she moves around like a clock hand.  Here she is in the morning when I found her – all bunched up at the head of the bed perpendicular to her starting position.  I got a huge packet for her back surgery from children’s over the weekend and I spent some time looking over it.  There is a mention that I could donate blood for her to use during her operation and my initial gut feeling was that I totally want to donate blood for her.  And then I’m like – who am I kidding?  The blood donation will flatten me for two weeks and I need all my wits about me for the next couple of months.  Also am I really going to add 2-3 more appointments to the 17 I’ve already got scheduled?


Vince went to his 15th annual checkup.  Everything checked out OK.  We talked about vaccines for his China trip and also a bit about maintaining a healthy weight.



But then I took him to McDonald’s after school as a celebration (thank you for the 10,000 days of Chinese tutoring) and send-off for my parents who are headed to China tomorrow.



Joanne, our Medicaid waiver coordinator, came by for dinner tonight.  She meets yearly with the each of the fifty families she manages.  We are here very last ones for the quarter!


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