Back (return), back (spine), pastries.


The boys are off the non-electricity, non-internet island and at the scout base in the Florida Keys with intermittent wi-fi.  Enough wi-fi to get this photo.  Trip was great, but they are looking forward to coming home tomorrow night.  Me too!


I took a photo of Edda’s back today for my pals.


I know I’m short on time when I cut out making the beds, but maybe it’s OK as Maxi prefers the unmade bed.  Making the all three rumpled beds in the house takes 2 minutes tops, I don’t know why I haven’t been doing it.  I started making the beds a while ago because I realize it makes me feel like I’ve started the day with a clean slate.  I’ve been loving the bed rails which have allowed me to get a full night’s sleep every night knowing that Edda is safe.  Many nights I don’t hear her at all, but some nights, I hear her wake up and then she goes back to sleep quickly.



In my efforts to not be a total hermit, I did see two friends this week – Deb and Marla, both photo adverse.  I will take a picture of pastries instead.  A poor substitute really.  Both friends I haven’t seen in many months, I’d love to see them more often, but both lunches ran over two hours and know this in advance and I schedule them (mainly making sure I have both childcare coverage and I can get enough hours in at work) that way.  


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