Youtube, last exam.

After Edda’s asleep, Vince will come into our room, crawl into our bed and we’ll watch this dude’s corgi videos.  He usually posts once a week and so now we watch them together.  The “host” is a funny guy – we enjoy it a lot.


I did pretty poorly on this last exam today – a C!  And kind of a low one at that.  It’s a bit of a shame that I let it go that way, but there were so many other things to do this weekend besides studying.  Like – camping, orienteering, afternoon slacklining and birthday party, evening family Sunday night dinner and then Edda’s bath/shower – you know, regular living. As soon as I clicked “Done!” on the computer test and saw what I got, I kind of laughed and said – yeah, that’s worth the amount I studied. I’m thisclose to being done.  A poster presentation and one more shift at the hospital.  And then… I applied for only one job.  Many of the kiddos (and they are all kidddos – mostly) around me have excitedly committed to jobs this summer.  It is true, your nurse is young enough to be your child.  The doctors also not that much older.

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