Biking, easy days, expert.


Jeremy is obsessed with biking now (as I’ve mentioned before).  He blames the election.  It’s fine, but it creates more of a scheduling headache now that he wants to ride everyday.  We are such different people when it comes to working out.  I like to work hard, but I’ll stop working hard if I know I’m about to hurt myself.   Jeremy, on the other hand, will just ramp up his workouts until he gets injured.  Right now he’s trying to learn to do an easy ride which seems incredibly difficult for him to do.  He’s a little self conscious because now his has all his riding buddies who track all their training online (who manage to ride 50-80 miles on a working day.. how is that possible?) and he doesn’t want to throw an easy day in there.


Last night we were talking about other differences in our personalities – mainly my fondness for being a generalist and Jeremy’s tendencies to being a specialist.  I like to start many things and quickly can become pretty good and there are flashes of being very good at it, but I feel like I never reach the level of complete mastery.  I never like the details of anything that I do and I feel like I’m forever banished to the competent entry-level position, always one of 10,000 cogs (literally).  (I’ll tell you now these are the things I’m thinking of starting just this week:  writing a novel, learning the violin, rock climbing- all exciting to me, but I’ll never be Hemmingway, Midori or Honnold which in my deepest of deep disappoints me terribly even though I know it’s OK not to be that much of an expert.)  Jeremy, on the other hand, feels like he’s an expert in a field that no one is interested in anymore and that his expertise has kind of limited him in what he can do and that how can he start over now that he’s built up this reputation and experience?  He insists to me that you only need 3-5 years to become an expert (to try and encourage me to become an expert),  I don’t quite believe that. And I tell him, it’s so much fun to start stuff! Anyways, and it all goes on.  We’ll see what the future brings.

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