Tachos, Lana, Kitachi.


Look at this crazy drink.  I did not know I was ordering something so…college spring break road trip-like.  I just wanted a margarita!  And tachos.  I wanted tachos.  We met Lana after work downtown last night, but I got no picture of Lana.  We moved from the happy hour place and had dinner at this burger place – Duke’s Grocery which was delicious and we were seated at common tables with many, many 22 year olds.  We were recommending various burgers that we were eating to the newly-seated 22 year olds next to us, but one of them was a “picky eater” and the other was exasperated that she was dating said “picky eater” – “You are 22!”, she exclaimed, “It’s time to learn to eat other things besides a plain burger.”


Tonight (wearing the same Wonder Woman shirt), we went out to celebrate Kitachi’s last day with us.  Always makes me a little weepy when Edda’s helpers move on.  We went to Founding Farmers.


Where we got a chocolate cake the size of our heads.


And a thank you bracelet in a nice blue bag.


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  1. Oh My goodness that drink is hugggeeeee.

    Listen, I had to have some unexpected knee surgery so this blogg is going to be one of the ways I connect because I have to stay in bed quite a bit. So keep that writing going!

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