back to school, holes, night


Vince & Edda’s back to school nights are done.  Great teams at both schools, I’m always impressed.  The teachers are excellent, seemed determined to make it all fun & rigorous at the same time.  Edda is reading Holes this year and Vince is reading Night and Odyssey.  I’m having a tough time getting through any pleasure reading this year, maybe I should read what the kids are reading.  I think they’ve kind of given up on having the kids read at home and then come to class prepared.  For both Vince and Edda, they are going to do a lot of the reading in class.  Earlier this week Vince declared reading to be so boring – the same thing page after page after page.  You haven’t found the right book yet, I suggested.  Though really I think the internet has destroyed all patience for long-form reading.  I can’t even read long form stuff anymore and I think it’s because my mind is now accustomed to clicking on quick bits on the web.

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