Summer, school, sleeping in.


Summer is over!  The kids are in school tomorrow, Vince – 10th grade, Edda – 8th grade.

I will post my handwritten Edda-care calendar here.  We had 4.5 people in rotation (I count Nat at 0.5 because she was slated to work, but didn’t end up working – but I knew she always had my back in case I needed her help).  Because Edda’s companions don’t work full time for us, they always have a more primary gig going on at the same time (and it’s summer, so they all had vacations & holidays), so it meant that I had to keep in the back of my mind all their other schedules so I knew who to call on on what days to pick up or drop off Edda or if the camp schedule changed.  I’m lucky to have all these people who know Edda and care for her so well and it’s what I wanted when we went off the au pair childcare route, but sometimes it’s a little crazy.

Vince has jet lagged himself the past week without leaving the time zone.  He went to bed at 2 am on Friday night and 5 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Whaaa?!  He was asleep at noon on Sunday morning.  He’s going to have a tough time getting up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  The rest of us aren’t that bad, but we all have been sleeping in until 7:30 am the last week.  I know 7:30 am doesn’t sound like “sleeping in”, but Edda’s bus comes to the house at 7:10 am.

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