Grumpy, mushroom, sanding.


Loves, I’m grumpy.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it’s Thursday?  I’m enjoying cooking these days which is odd because I think I’m a person who doesn’t like to cook.  Who am I?  I dunno.


I spent some time today sanding the table in our garage.


We’ve had some issues with procurement.  Jeremy has done a bunch of youtube research and wanted to find some water-based paints and wanted all the layers – the wood conditioner, the stain & then finally the clear protective coat.  The protective coat we already had from the previous project, but I had to go to Sherwin Willams for the stain and then amazon has to ship us the wood conditioner.  Thanksgiving is still quite possible, but it’ll be cutting it close.  It needs about 2-3 more sanding rounds, then 4-5 painting/drying/sanding rounds.


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  1. fyi for next time you can use RIT Dye to stain the wood. You'll want to test the color on a similar piece of wood but I have done this many times and it is very easy and almost no smell.

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