Vince is 16!


Vince turned 16 on Friday.  We started the day with our traditional birthday breakfast – Vince requested bacon and hash browns.  16!  A big milestone.  Vince has taught me so many things, he taught me to be a mother, because before him, I had no idea.  I never even babysat for anyone.  I might even say I was not a nurturing person & did not understand emotion as much I do now – I was a little self-absorbed/centered and too matter-of-fact/unforgiving then.  Sometimes I’m talking to him and I can’t believe he’s some weird combination of me & Jeremy and yet, still, fully his own person.  Happy birthday sweetie!  I’m also embarrassed to say that we didn’t get him anything for his birthday (though look!  we got bacon! hash browns! a yellow balloon! and a tablecloth and raspberries!) – I think I thought Jeremy would take care of it or maybe Jeremy thought I would take care of it – but we both knew that he just wanted cash, but we didn’t say anything to Vince about it and then finally at about 9 pm on Friday, he came downstairs and asked – uhhh, so do I *get* anything for my birthday?  And Jeremy and I looked at each other and said to each other – oh! yeah, about that.  And then I transferred some $ into his bank account and apologized for making him ask/beg for his birthday present.


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