Delicate, California, Annual Checkup

Vince walks into my bedroom/office where I’m already working (though in my pajamas) at 7am and says – are you listening to Demi Lovato?  I said – oh no!  It’s the new Taylor Swift song.  He groans.  Then Jeremy walks in and putters around for a little while and says – you listening to that on repeat?  I said – yeah, I’m going to listen to it all day!  It’s not her best work, but at heart I’m a swiftie.  And I love that blue fringe-y dress.

Jeremy left for California tonight for a week.  This is a business trip that is spanning a full weekend which is unusual for him, but he’s trying to meet up with some friends/family that need meeting up with.  Last night, even though he was going to be gone for a week, I was in a chipper mood.  This was unusual enough for him to note – I can be grumpy before a business trip because I resent having to do all the things, whatever those things are. It inevitably involves poop and something like a water heater disaster.  Generally, it’s all fine, so I’m trying to haul that behavior out back and bury it in the ground.  I’m 23.2% successful at that.

Edda had her annual check up today.  Everything looks good (except for the Rett Syndrome – but we already knew that).   I got to speak to both the doctor and her teacher (when I drove her to her school) about high school!  Ack.  Not ready yet.  I still want to grab my kids, pick them up and tuck them under my arm and run around like crazy.


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